HMRC launches new agent toolkits

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John Stokdyk
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HMRC has made three new toolkits available to agents to help them avoid common errors when filing clients’ tax returns.
The toolkits which are downloadable from HMRC's agents page cover:
  • VAT Input Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Expenses and Benefits from Employment
Brian Redford, Deputy Director in HMRC’s Business Customer Unit, commented: “Interest in the six toolkits we issued earlier this year has been tremendous – over 21,000 downloads in the first three months alone.
“The toolkits are free and cover areas of tax which we know represent a risk of error for agents. The toolkits are entirely voluntary but they are easy to use and have been designed with the help of the agent community.”
For more news on toolkits and related issues for agents, see the dedicated section on the HMRC website.


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09th Oct 2010 22:25

HMRC toolkits

As one of the 21K downloaders of the original six toolkits, I can attest that these tools are outstanding.  The protections afforded with these few prophylactic measures are well worth several times the effort.  I highly recommend following HMRC products.

Michael Calhoun | first dui publications

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11th Oct 2010 13:28

profolactic measuress

I have never met one of these. Does she know anything about prophylactic measures? Perhaps she can act as a typing conslultant.

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11th Oct 2010 20:44

Pinch me!

I am sure that when I wake up I will realise that the above conversation happened in a dream...

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By wclose
11th Oct 2010 22:41

prophylactics save nightmares

-- w close


On the street they are known as condoms!

But us accountants should already be familiar with  avoidance and evasion procedures.

If all accountants and their staff practiced  prophylactic techniques then less errors ,penalties and costs would be incurred.

Well done HMRC for sharing with us some sound preventitive measures- better than the cure!






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