HMRC's (qualified) accounts: Shall we laugh or cry?

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Share this content's tax editor, Nichola Ross Martin tries to look on the bright side...

The auditor general has again qualified his audit report on HMRCs 2007/08 accounts. Tax credits are singled out as the main area of concern. Over 7 billion has been overpaid to date, with some 4 billion still outstanding after adjustments (such as write-offs). It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry when one learns that the tax credits computer has been unable to cope with the 2002 Tax Credits Act This means that it will take over 3 years to manually sort through some 250,000 awards to determine whether claimant are due any repayments.

It had been hoped by the government tha...

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By Anonymous
21st Jul 2008 13:41

In a normal world
In a normal they company/organisation would have shut shop and the management fired. Perhaps this should be the case here in this organisation.

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By Anonymous
17th Jul 2008 13:18

Or maybe
how those who resign their jobs (think "datagate"), manage to do so with a full payout and pension rights.

It makes the PCG's call to its members to boycott the tax system almost seem like a half-reasonable idea. I do wish MPs would wake up on this though (and by the way, I don't actually support a boycott).

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