Humour: Scaping the barrel that is the internet...

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It was only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, found some humour in accountancy. As a result of an exhaustive search of 37 trillion web pages it was finally located.

From Any Answers: "Surely between you all you must have heard every accounting/tax joke going..?"

The antidote to blogging? There is only one Tax Dog

Accountants in video:

Be scared, be very scared, Arnold Schwarzenegger is

The Accountant One man who will cook more than books and crunch more than numbers...

The new morality? Street accountants

will cut your profits...

For all those cats in tax Cat accountants

We did not think these next ones were too funny - "scraping the barrel" that is the internet...

Share your life with

the taxman

Hong Kong CPA get rapping Thi...

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By Anonymous
29th Jan 2007 10:29

SAD is very apt - Seasonally Affected Disorder!

Roll on Feb 1st.

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03rd Feb 2007 11:21

Get your coat ...
Thanks, YouTube accountants, but I think I'll stick to my Fast Show DVD.
Oh, and don't give up the day job ...

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