Is there a new confidence about HMRC, Simon Sweetman asks?

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In one of his Budget commentaries, Simon Sweetmans asks "Is there a new confidence about HMRC, now that the new powers and penalties are in place ?" Read on.

Looking at the Budget proposals put together under the head of compliance there are some indications that this may be the case. Quite clearly, too, there is now a connection in the public mind between massive earnings in the financial sector, that sectors clear incompetence, and major tax avoidance. There are a few comments of the good luck to em sort, but not many, and when PWC moans about making the UK a less attractive place to do business (as in their email this morning) and you think who they are talking about, its hard to share their grief. So we might n...

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By Anonymous
02nd May 2009 15:43

Short answer.....

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