Isle of Wight loses off-street parking VAT battle

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Nick Huber
Freelance journalist
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The Isle of Wight Council has lost a multi-million pound battle with HMRC over the payment of VAT on car parking fees.

The local authority, along with West Berkshire, Mid-Suffolk District and South Tyneside Metropolitan councils, had argued they should not have paid VAT on off-street parking fees because they were part of traffic-management duties. 

They had won a test case at a VAT tribunal that ruled money from off-street parking should be VAT exempt, but an appeal against the decision was launched by HMRC.

In 2006, the case went to the High Court and was referred to the European Court of Justice before being sent back to the UK tribunal service. 

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12th Nov 2012 12:11


One government dept arguing with another....what a waste of time and money

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to ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Nov 2012 16:53

Yep sheer lunacy

Tom 7000 wrote:

One government dept arguing with another....what a waste of time and money

We should just let them sink the ship and have done with it!

Where did the money end up?....... with the government.

The distortion is in the space time continuum.

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12th Nov 2012 13:39

Not even the lawyers...

...made any money out of this. So not all bad news then.

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By ds
12th Nov 2012 14:53

car parks

I'm surprised the Govt hasn't taken away the right of local councils to provide parking and handed it on a plate to the private sector like they are doing with everything else....

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By vstrad
12th Nov 2012 15:13

Death of the High Street

High parking charges by greedy councils is one of the causes of the "death of the High Street".

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12th Nov 2012 16:37

No parking fees here

but our high street is still dead. Could be the huge out of town shopping centre(s) just up and down, the road or that interweb thingy that everyone uses these days.

As for not damaging the private sector - is that another charity shop I see.......

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