MP urges HMRC staff to refuse £13m in 2010 bonuses

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Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger has questioned whether HMRC is currently fit for purpose and called on staff to refuse £13m in bonuses awarded during 2010.

Liddell-Grainger, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary taxation group, recently uncovered what he called a “national insurance time bomb” in unmatched P14s going back to 2004-05 relating to more than £1.2bn of contributions.

In a follow-up interview with TAXtv, the MP was particularly scathing about HMRC staff bonuses that would exceed £13m for 2010. These sums were awarded against a backdrop of staff cuts, falling morale and media frenzy over the processing backlog that built up during the transfer of records to the new National Insurance and PAYE Service (NPS).

According to Liddell-Grainger, the general consensus among MPs is that civil servants shouldn’t get bonuses. Bonuses should be a thank you for hitting targets and “in civil service there are basically no targets”, he said.

 “The £13m could be better spent” and Revenue staff should be “big enough to say none of them should take it”. They shouldn’t receive bonuses until they had “proved themselves fit for purpose”, he added.

The interview will feature in the March episode of TAXtv. For more information on how to subscribe, visit the [email protected].

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19th Feb 2011 11:45

Bonus culture

Unless someone is on a completely commission-based salary, like a salesman, no-one should get a bonus for simply doing their job - even if they are standing next to a flow of vast funds like those bankers !

A bonus should be for exceptional performance.

Now if those bankers were on a basic pay of £10k and had to make it up through bonuses I might reconsider.

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21st Feb 2011 13:25

can I have one too ?

No !

and it's me that has had to deal all year round with HMRC.

It would explain why HMRC staff are in complete denial about how the system is working or not as is the case may be.

and why no action is taken to fix the massive problems.

Who can blame them why would you make more work for yourself if the system is working perfectly well for you.

What problems? we don't have them here, can I have my bonus cheque please.

At least the Bankers earned their bonuses.

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22nd Feb 2011 10:15


Why shouldn't hard working frontline staff be rewarded for having to put up with bosses who haven't got a clue how to run one of the biggest money making machines.

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22nd Feb 2011 11:19


would regard the pension benefits and sick note culture benefits as bonus enough.

under self assessment HMRC should be judged by how much/little it looses not how much is paid.

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23rd Feb 2011 10:14

Bonus? For what?

It irks me that people are constantly having a go at bankers for generating money which feeds back into the economy in the form of CT, VAT, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and money generally spent from the bonuses they receve not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people directly and indirectly employed by them.

On the other hand, civil servants who basically can't be sacked for being useless and have gold plated sick benefits, flexi time, pensions can get bonuses?  What for?  Well done you did your job properly, have a bonus?  They don't have any risk of being sacked really if they are no good, whereas a broker who loses a bank money can expect the chop pretty fast.

I have every sympathy for the actual workers in HMRC who are poorly supported, given impossible targets and spend half their time monitering the latest targets rather than being listened to and being able to get on with their work.

After the PAYE coding mess, the latest NIC mess and various other cock[***] ups no one in management in HMRC should receive any form of bonus and perhaps they should hand back some of their salaries instead!  Sack a few of them for a change and maybe we will see the real world starting to creep into the ivory towers.

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