New evidence shows that taxpayers need better safeguards

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Following HM Revenue and Customs' recent consultation document on Powers, Safeguards and Deterrents, there has been widespread concern that the department should not be given any further powers until it can be sure that it is able to correctly calculate tax liabilities.

New evidence suggests that HMRC are being particularly heavy handed using their existing powers, which can have alarming consequences for taxpayers. A director reported to Accountingweb this week that his company was presented with a winding up petition by HMRC for items totalling 10,000 which were three months overdue. On double checking the figures, the overall amount involved was confirmed as less than 1,800. It took some time to persuade the Debt Management Division that their figures did not agree with Cumbernauld's bef...

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21st Sep 2007 12:25

Duty of Care
HMRC does not have a legal duty of care to the taxpayer. Its entirely down to the Emperor's mood whether any repayment is made or even contemplated.

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