New IR35 tests are not necessary

New IR35 tests not neccecary
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Julia Kermode of FCSA questions the need for new IR35 tests aimed at workers in the public sector.

From April 2017 HMRC plans on bringing in new tests along with a new digital tool so workers in the public sector can determine whether they fall in or outside IR35.

HMRC has suggested that the current system of non-compliance with IR35 will cost the Treasury some £400m in 2016/2017 and that only about 10% of those workers who should apply the IR35 rules do so. 

Whilst HMRC is keen to engage with stakeholders and the industry in the development of any new test and the new digital tool to ascertain if temporary workers are inside or outside of IR35 we, at...

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About Julia Kermode

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Julia Kermode is chief executive of the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA).


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By gordo
28th Apr 2016 21:09

HMRC are going to test this out in Public Service workers first
HMRC are simply going to test this out on Public Sector workers first.... Before then applying it to the Private Sector.

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By dstickl
04th May 2016 13:57

Today some brickie apprentices from Derby were demonstrating, by building a wall in the Speaker's Garden at Parliament, about the shortage of British builders, which is restricting the supply of new housing in UK.
HMRC's SDC proposed "rules" won't help builders to stay in the building trades, in my opinion.
Q1: Isn't the First Lord of the Treasury "call me Dave" ?
Q2: Just what is Dave playing at, with these stupid HMRC SDC proposed "rules", which will constrain new builds ?
Q3: Is this yet another reason to vote Leave on 23 June ?
In less than 2 months time ...

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