NEWTH TALKS TAX - AUGUST: Tax writer of the year John Newth solves your tax questions

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  • HMRC investigation query

  • Pool cars

  • Self-employment start-up

  • Divorce and separation

HMRC investigation query

Clint Westwood, on 8 August 2006, introduced the scenario of a self assessment enquiry for 2003/2004, where the tax return included self-employment pages in respect of a business with a year end of 30 June 2003. No faults have been found in the business records, but HMRC contend that there is an issue over private means.

Does this entitle HMRC to go back to the period 1 July 2002 to 5 April 2003 in respect of private means, as this period is part of the accounts period disclosed in the return?

Andrew Meeson consider...

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