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Doctors and brown envelopes

Alastair Taylors client was a market research company, which conducted interviews on behalf of large pharmaceutical companies. The interviewees were senior doctors and consultants, who were paid for their co-operation by several hundred pounds in cash placed in a brown envelope for each interview. The client company told Alastair that this procedure was common practice, and HMRC were not interested because the amounts were being paid to doctors!

Have other subscribers encountered this situation in practice? And can anyone vouch for the fact that HMRC are not interested in pursuing doctors who receive undeclared income?

Of course, HMRC are interested in pursuing anyone who commits tax defaults, as Steve ONeill rightly pointed out. T...

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29th May 2007 13:49

Market Research and Brown Envelopes
It is not uncommon for a market research company to pay an honorarium as a cash payment, in a brown envelope.

I even know of someone who received one for undertaking a market research interview / focus group for, of all people ... THE INLAND REVENUE (HMRC) !!!

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