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Kate Upcraft

Outstanding contribution award goes to Kate Upcraft


Kate Upcraft was named this year’s recipient of the prestigious Accounting Excellence outstanding contribution award at the virtual gala event on Wednesday evening.

2nd Dec 2020
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Last year’s outstanding contribution award winner Rebecca Benneyworth annointed Kate Upcraft at the end of Wednesday’s Accounting Excellence Awards ceremony.

Benneyworth described this year’s outstanding contribution recipient as “someone who has hauled us through this unusual year”.

“It’s been difficult and challenging and without this individual we would have all found life an awful lot harder.” 

As Upcraft absorbed the news she heard plaudits from the new CIOT president Peter Rayney and the ICAEW’s tax technical lead Anita Monteith.

“If anyone deserves an outstanding contribution award it’s Kate Upcraft – especially after the year we’ve just had,” said Monteith. “I couldn’t have done what we’ve achieved on the Job Retention Scheme without your help.”

Rayney also couldn’t think of anyone better to pick up the award. “You’ve been unstinting and a beacon of light in making sure we are all up to date with the latest Covid measures,” he said.

“If there’s one thing that 2020 has done, it’s raised the profile of payroll managers,” Kate told AccountingWEB earlier this year. “Accountants and other professions have begun to realise how complicated the things we deal with can be. On behalf of all my fellow professionals, thank you for offering your recognition.”

The winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award is someone who has made a massive impact on the profession not just this year, but over many, many years.

In addition to managing one of the largest payrolls in the country, Upcraft used her profile to champion payroll professionals on AccountingWEB and on the lecture circuit.

However, in a year when accountants and payroll professionals got to grips with the finer details of the coronavirus job retention scheme, Upcraft’s aura of calm and positivity that got many through some of the worst periods of the crisis.

AccountingWEB readers will know Upcraft from her CJRS updates and appearances on AccountingWEB Live, but behind the scenes, she has done an incredible amount of work with HMRC as part of the tax faculty and CIOT committees to get the guidance in a sensible format and to bottom out issues such as holiday pay and the Employment Allowance.

AccountingWEB readers can see why she received this award by watching any of her contributions on AccountingWEB Live on demand and catching up with her definitive CJRS ‘get the details right’ articles:

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By TaxTeddy
07th Dec 2020 14:17

Billy Connolly once joked that the fact that you put yourself forward for political office should immediately bar you from holding any such office.

And I must admit that I feel pretty much the same about industry awards. OK, so being awarded runner-up prize of the Car Park (Medium-size Parking Spaces) Attendant of the year, Milton Keynes (South West) might bring a smile to somebody's eyes - but really, who cares?

The big exception to this is someone like Kate Upcraft who consistently contributes accurate and well thought out and, dare I say very clear articles throughout the year and is thoroughly deserving of recognition.

Well done Kate. I hope they gave you some money.

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By Moonbeam
18th Dec 2020 10:19

I've only just seen this. I would have voted for Kate myself had I known. She has helped me tremendously with her well-written articles over the year. Thank you Kate!

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