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Rebecca Benneyworth's CIS library

21st May 2008
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A selection of articles to help you get to grips with the new CIS scheme by the well known tax lecturer and writer Rebecca Benneyworth.

CIS – hurtling towards…. what?

Loss of gross payment status has the unintended consequence that it does nothing to improve CIS compliance…

CIS penalties: A nice little earner!

Penalties from the new scheme will be raising millions in revenue.

CIS penalties – Just days away!

New CIS – how to stay registered for gross payment.

Avoiding penalties

Addendum: CIS – there may be trouble ahead!

CIS – there may be trouble ahead!

A look at the new penalty regime

New CIS – how to stay registered for gross payment.

Shall I replace my van?

CIS - a subcontractor's guide

The 20% deduction rate and other "basics".


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By AnonymousUser
30th Jan 2007 00:34

Regarding comments about CIS

I think these changes should have happend last year, is it right that we no longer need ID CIS Identification with our own UTR No and PHOTO proving important and relevant information, on which we are. Well if Im right and NO CIS CARD IS NEEDED, NO photo, No evidence of whom I maybe going to give work to.

For what ever reason the government has decided to take away all CIS ID, I think we have gone back years, so if Mr Smith down the road comes to me for work, I will go on the HM Revenue & Customs site to put all details of my new Employee/self-employed person to see what he is. All relevant information will go in. Then the system will do its best to tell me if he’s self-employed or PAYE.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the system says, because the person whom Im thinking of giving some work to, could be Tony Blair or Mr Mallet, no Photo, No Card, No Nic, No signature, what is the government doing, is there a point or benefits to any of this, please let me know what they are, because Im bewildered.

What do you think?

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