SA Online filing: A success story?

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Rebecca Benneyworth
Rebecca Benneyworth Training Consultants
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The number of SA returns filed online is up 22% against last year already, but the big online surge starts in November, when the deadline for paper returns has passed.

HMRC was thrilled with the success of online filing for self assessment returns in 2008. By 31 January 2009 a total of 5.75 million tax returns had been filed online – an increase of 50% over the previous year, with the proportion filed online reaching 67%.

As of early October 2009, which includes those filed late, the proportion filed online for last year now totals around 6 million, out of a total of 8.4 million returns – or 71%.

The latest statistics from HMRC show that the number filing SA returns online continues to grow, with a total of 1,844,287 returns received online by 4 October 2009, as against 1...

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By ringi
12th Oct 2009 13:41

Pity the online return does not have the box numbers next to eac

I have just done my personal tax return on line. The only problem I met was that it was hard to match up the paper notes (and output of a spread sheet) with the online return questions, as the on-line questions did not have the “box numbers” next to them unlike the paper return.

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