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We reported in September 2008 about the new engagement letters to be used for tax engagements agreed jointly by the professional bodies.

At the time, one area remained outstanding - that is the suggested content of the letters as regards tax credits. The bodies have now agreed what form the wording in relation to tax credits should take, and the bodies have therefore updated their guidance to reflect the additional material, which forms Schedule B11 (in some, Appendix B11)of the specimen letters.

The new Appendix sets out in some detail all of the areas that a tax credit engagement might cover, including establishing who is to be responsible for notifying changes in circumstances affecting tax credit entitlement and the impact of changes in the law. Many practices may feel,...

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By Anonymous
17th Mar 2009 09:57

tax credits eng letter
I cannot find the new section B11 has not been updated yet? has anyone found it please?

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