TAX NEWS: Scottish pensioners wooed over tax. By Dan Martin

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The Scottish National Party (SNP) has announced that thousands of pensioners would not have to pay local income tax ' its replacement for council tax ' should the party win power.

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP leader in the Scottish Parliament, pledged that 538,000 pensioners who are exempt from income tax will also not have to pay the new charge.

"There will be no ifs or buts, no means tests ' half a million pensioners will simply have nothing to pay," she said.

"Indeed, with a local income tax the vast majority ' at least 90% - of pensioners in Scotland will pay either nothing or less than they do now.

"The abolition of the council tax will put money back in the purses and wallets of pensioners across Scotland. And it will do so without subjecting them to the bureaucratic means tests which understand...

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