TaxZone Newthwire 57: Form 42

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TaxZone Newthwire

Issue 57 - 2 August 2004 - Form 42

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Editorial note

Sorry it's too late already if the Form 42 was issued before 6 April 2004 - it should have been in by 6 July 2004. There is a potential penalty of up to 300 pounds per reportable event, and a daily penalty (impos...

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05th Aug 2004 10:42

Filing extension
It should be noted that, following consultation with professional bodies, two important concessions have been made by the Inland Revenue. First, where Form 42 for 2004 was not issued before 6 April 2004, the last filing date has been extended to 30 November 2004. Second, in instances where shares are issued to owner/directors on incorporation, a simplified form only will be required.

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