The Indian Premier League and tax by Simon Sweetman

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Simon Sweetman, who on other days edits the Journal of the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians (, wonders whether tax matters came into a recent decision.

The Indian Premier League will not be played in England this year for what seem like very good reasons (its too cold and wet in April, the pitches will not help fast scoring, the timings demanded by TV are all wrong, and there is considerable tobacco sponsorship involved). However, the papers say, if the tournament had been held in England the players might also have been hit in the pocket by huge tax demands on their earnings from endorsements. According to press reports, lawyers (which lawyers ? how much did they charge for...

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02nd Apr 2009 08:42

was I right ?
And here from today's Rugby League news - "Super League clubs, already facing tough times, have been hit by a fresh financial worry as the Inland Revenue clamps down on the tax loophole under which leading players have been paid a large proportion of their salaries in image rights.
The offshore payments, which date back to 2005 and have mainly gone to overseas players who collect them on their way home, – leading them to be dubbed "flying over Singapore payments" in Australia – have held significant tax advantages for the players and effectively exempted clubs from paying National Insurance on anything up to 40% of some salaries. But now clubs are braced for a major change in those arrangements which will seriously reduce their ability to attract leading Australian players and there are suggestions that they may be forced to make retrospective payments which in a couple of cases could run well into six figures."

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By Vince54
30th Mar 2009 17:00

Lawyers or the Press?
I seem to recall this story raising its head a year or so ago - certainly before the "discusions" about non-doms.

The issue this time was that UEFA wouldn't allow the Champions League final to be played at Wembley owing to the tax implications on the finalists. (This of course assumed non-English teams being in the final.)

Further press discussion then ensued on the impact on other non-British (please excuse my terminology if it's not pc) winners of British sporting events, the obvious supects being the winners of Wimbledon and the Open etc.

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