<b>TV Review:</b> 'No tax please, we're rich'

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The BBC broadcast a 'Money Programme' entitled 'No tax please, we're rich' on 2 March. In the course of researching the programme the BBC secured, for what is believed to be the first time ever, an HM Revenue & Customs estimate of what the UK tax avoidance industry costs the exchequer. This official number is 10 billion a year, equivalent to 350 a head for the 29 million taxpayers in the UK.

AccountinbWEB contributing editor Richard Murphy appeared in the programme and commented afterwards, 'It's a welcome development that HMRC is now able to publish such figures, but there are grounds for questioning the provenance of its numbers - how had it reached this estimate?'

Research from the Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs and by academics suggests that total tax losses from avoida...

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