9am Lowdown: BNP Paribas loses avoidance case

9am Lowdown
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Good morning and welcome to Monday's 9am Lowdown

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French bank BNP Paribas has lost a case in the UK which has seen it pay back £35m in tax. A tribunal ruled in favour of HMRC, which said the bank tried to use a tax avoidance scheme involving share dividends. (BBC News)

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Anton Colella is leaving ICAS after more than 10 years at the helm, to become the global chief executive of Moore Stephens International.  (Herald Scotland)

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The UK tax office must improve its handling of website security problems, says an expert who spent 57 days trying to report a bug. The researcher outlined on Medium two separate flaws on HMRC’s online tax service. (BBC News)

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The French finance minister is driving an offensive to tax internet giants such as Google and Amazon based on revenues generated in EU countries. (Financial Times)

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11th Sep 2017 09:57

The BNP Paribas story is from 21 June 2017 per link below and is an interesting case per my comments there (there is a good joke at the end BTW). Not sure why it has taken so long to report such an interesting case here. See:


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