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9am Lowdown: HMRC doc & BDO football FD survey

15th Aug 2017

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday's 9am Lowdown. Here is a whistle-stop tour of the comings and goings in the accounting world. 

In the news

Last night Channel 4 screened the inaugural episode of ‘Catching the Tax Dodgers’. The documentary follows HMRC investigators as they pursue 'tax dodgers'. There’s a discussion on Any Answers about the programme. Those interested can catch up with the show on Channel 4’s on demand service.

* * *

Accounting charity CABA is launching two new courses for ICAEW members and their families, on how to have a successful later life and achieving better work-life integration. The courses are available from September and can be booked here.

* * *

The Telegraph reports that an 83 year-old who "ticked the wrong box" on a self-assessment tax return received a letter from HMRC requesting immediate payment of £5,541 for unpaid National Insurance contributions from the Seventies and Eighties. 

* * *

HMRC is clamping down on schemes that claim to avoid the 2019 charge on disguised remuneration. In a guidance published on Gov.uk, HMRC advises those who are using one of these schemes to make a repayment of the load balance or settling their tax liability.

* * *

BDO’s annual football finance director survey shows that 24% of football clubs are somewhat or very concerned that a sizable challenge from HMRC could create a problem, compared to 16 % in 2017. (Read the report here)

* * *

What’s on AccountingWEB

Philip Fisher examines the thorny issue of salaries in the fifth episode of his ‘Accountant’s guide to staffing…’ series. He writes, perhaps the most difficult and controversial area of staff management lies in deciding how much to pay employees.

And making his debut on the site, Stephen Daly examines instances when HMRC has made retrospective changes to its guidance and what this means for the tax system.

The Any Answers question of the day comes from ArsalanShah who has been approached by a former client wanting a character reference. So Shah wants to know whether other AccountingWEB members would provide such references.

AccountingWEB blogger Zoe from But the Books shares what she’s learned from working with startups and why experts can be the worst teachers

As reported on the industry update page, FreeAgent has added CIS support to its mobile app. The CIS support enables contractor users to edit CIS invoices on their smart phones. 


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