Accountant charity thief ordered to repay £1

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An accountant who was jailed for five years after he stole £525,905 from a church and a religious charity has been ordered to repay just £1.

Stephen Methuen from Wordsley in the West Midlands was the treasurer of Amblecote Christian Centre in Stourbridge and the Christian International Relief Mission. 

He took the money over a six-year period and pleaded guilty to 12 counts of false accounting on 4 October, plus four charges of cheating HMRC by filing gift aid repayment claims which overstated the total charitable donations that were made.

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30th Nov 2012 16:35
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03rd Dec 2012 14:50

dozy trustees

who should heed: "the lord giveth and the treasurer taketh away"

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07th Dec 2012 13:40

Got off too light

I thought the common practise in circumstances where there were insufficient funds was to make the Order to replay in full anyway. That way some or all of the money could be recovered at a later date. For example, if he won the lottery or inherited a large sum, or indeed starts earning again.

Seems unfair to the victim in this case.


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07th Dec 2012 15:30

and the message is

£500K for 2.5 years free board and lodging...I make that £200K a year after tax.

What an excellent message to send out?

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07th Dec 2012 16:41

Frightful Decision

I am not easily shocked but cannot believe this sentence.  ONE POUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surely a 50p would have been more than enough.  Poor man.

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07th Dec 2012 16:54

I this a Judges Snub?

a bit like awarding £1 damages?


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