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Agents can submit bulk appeal for late filing penalties

Agents will be able to make a reasonable excuse claim for 25 or fewer Covid-hit clients, HMRC has announced. 

23rd Mar 2021
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HMRC tax return

n an email sent to tax agents on Friday, HMRC confirmed “a route for agents to submit a bulk appeal for late filing penalties”.  

The functionality is designed to enable agents to submit multiple appeals made against a late filing penalty where Covid-19 was the reasonable excuse. 

Agents will be able to access this route to submit bulk appeals from 24 March. 

“HMRC recognise that due to the ongoing pandemic some customers and agents will still have difficulty meeting their filing obligations and have advised that COVID-19‌‌‌ ‌may be accepted as a reasonable excuse for any appeals made against a late filing penalty for self assessment customers,” explained the email. 

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Replies (3)

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By SteveHa
24th Mar 2021 09:10

Not to be a grammar [***], but what a horrible turn of phrase, "...should contain no more than one template of 25 or less clients."

"25 or fewer clients."

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By Homeworker
24th Mar 2021 16:04

The email sent to agents about this suggested that non-covid appeals for individuals could be done online and helpfully provided a link. However, when I entered our agent details to lodge an appeal the site refused to let me proceed, as it is "only for individuals and businesses". What was the point of them sending us this information if we cannot use it!

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By fawltybasil2575
25th Mar 2021 10:46

This link to ICAEW guidance itself provides a link to the template:-



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