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Autumn Budget 2017 at a glance

22nd Nov 2017
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philip hammond

While short on big announcements, the Chancellor's Autumn Budget was full of small changes. Here's a summary of the main tax and business measures. This guide will be added to over the next few days as more details emerge.


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Business tax summary

Personal tax summary


Community reaction


Pre-Budget thoughts and predictions


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By Ian McTernan CTA
23rd Nov 2017 10:28

Thanks Tom.

The one point that seems to have disappeared from the BBC's site is the most important one: Govt debt as a percentage of GDP is to peak this year. Excellent news, spending finally under some sort of control.

The tinkering on housing ignored the very real impact on renters that the mortgage interest restriction is having and the squeeze in available properties.

Otherwise a fairly decent budget delivered within our means, and a realistic assessment of our growth prospects rather than fairy tales and money trees.

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By vstrad
23rd Nov 2017 10:31

The BBC is making a lot of the downgrade in forecast economic growth. All this proves is that the OBR's last forecast, only 8 months ago, was wrong - as they always are.

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By jimeth
23rd Nov 2017 10:51

For those in the Construction Industry there was an important announcement buried in the small print ad not so far picked up on by any of the media or commentators. From Oct 2019 the industry is going to have to cope with operating Reverse Charge VAT on the majority of subcontract payments. In an industry where there are large volumes of small subcontractors, many of whom have little knowledge of tax and accounting, implementing this complex change is going to be a major challenge.

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