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Rishi Sunak

Autumn Budget 2021 at a glance


With £68.5bn to claw back on furlough and the need to burnish the UK’s green credentials ahead of COP26, Rishi Sunak's third Budget was surprising light on substantial tax changes except for announcements on air passenger duty, tonnage tax, alcohol duty, and business rates. 

27th Oct 2021
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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AccountingWEB's tax experts have analysed the Budget red book and have outlined the changes that will affect you and your clients.  


We will have further analysis at AccountingWEB Live Expo at the Coventry Building Society arena on 1-2 December. Tax experts like Rebecca Benneyworth, Peter Rayney, Anita Monteith, Paul Aplin, Rebecca Seeley Harris and more will be there to break down the main tax and business measures.


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Replies (7)

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By More unearned luck
27th Oct 2021 20:01

I can't see any mention of the new tax on TAX ADVISERS.

The Budge note says that:

"The sectors that we expect will be impacted are [inter alia]:

auditors, insolvency practitioners, external accountants and tax advisers."

At least some readers can take comfort from the fact that it doesn't apply when t/o is below £10.2m. On the other hand the initial ATED threshold, the dividend allowance, various A Day pension thresholds and the ER/BADR lifetime limit were all once higher, sometimes a lot higher, than they are now.

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Replying to More unearned luck:
rebecca cave
By Rebecca Cave
28th Oct 2021 07:29

The new economic crime levy is covered in here: https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/tax/hmrc-policy/budget-2021-hmrc-given-m...

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By petestar1969
28th Oct 2021 09:45

So his mate Tim, boss of Wetherspoon's, will be happy with the lower duty on sparkling wine as he claims to sell loads of it already.

I'm also well happy as I drink a fair amount of it.

Cheers Rishi!

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By AndrewV12
28th Oct 2021 12:29

MMMmmm was this Rishi's Budget or Boris' Budget, me thinks it was the later, Boris is not over keen of big Business.

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By morrissel311
28th Oct 2021 13:06

Hello there!! this is excellently written :)

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By Justin Bryant
28th Oct 2021 15:49

At least the BBC spotted this, which I agree is the big (hidden) story:

"And so the big story is that the corporation tax rises from the March Budget, required to shore up public finances after bad forecasts, have been kept as they were, even as those bad forecasts have been reversed."


A scam in other words.

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By Trethi Teg
29th Oct 2021 09:25

Autumn Budget 2022- tax hikes for better off.

Autumn Budget 2023 - big tx hikes for better off - tax cuts for the mass of the voters.

Spring 2024 - General Election.

Democracy is the legalisation of the theft of property from the small number of savers by the large number of spenders!

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