Autumn Statement - How it affects you and your clients?

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25th of November 2015 was billed as a joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement. In truth, it was far more of the former and very little of the latter, with the proportion of the speech allocated to tax measures being almost non-existent. The key message was that, despite some changes, the reduction of the deficit is on track and the economy is safe in the hands of the government.

On the tax front there was very little to grab the headlines, although, as usual, there was much more buried away in the statement itself. It has to be said that there was very little in the way of back-up detail, and so, as we prepared the documents outlining the changes, there was a lot of searching to make sure nothing was missed. There were no changes to duties for the tabloids to get hold of, no announcements on headline rates and allowances; maybe it was the plan all along for the Summer Budget to be an early Autumn Statement.

At Tolley, we’ve been studying and analysing the changes, so that you don’t need to lose any sleep – we’ve got it covered. Our teams of writers, editors and technical specialists have summarise not just what the changes are, but what they might mean for you and your clients.

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