Autumn statement: Live expert panel

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As is now our tradition on AccountingWEB, we're hosting a join live panel session with our sister site Business Zone, bringing together entrepreneurs and tax advisers for their instant reactions to the Chancellor's autumn statement at 11:15am.

Ahead of the speech, Business Zone published an inforgraphic on what small business wants. Read the live transcript below to find out how much of it the chancellor delivered. Highlights and further coverage are available on our 2013 Autumn Statement page.

Next week, once we have seen what the draft clauses for the 2014 Finance Bill contain, Rebecca Benneyworth will be producing an impact report for our Autumn Statement sponsor BTCSoftware on what the new measures will mean for small businesses.

Our panel today will include:

Karen Darby, founder,
Kate Lester, founder, Diamond Logistics
Charlie Mullins, managing director, Pimlico Plumbers
Simon Sweetman, independent consultant
Rob Ellis, chief executive, BTCSoftware
Philip Fisher, partner, BDO

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05th Dec 2013 11:02

expecting the same old rubbish

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05th Dec 2013 12:10

I can't cope with the hypocrisy

Where are these people who have more disposable income???? ... and anyway, for those lucky people it will disappear soon because the cost of living is rising quicker than wages.  Whenever did more expense result in more disposable income? They must be classifying money spent on essential services as being 'disposable income'.

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05th Dec 2013 12:13

I didnt catch the PPR bit - did anyone?

- apart the bit about getting people who live abroad CGT on sales (and how exactly is that going to be policed?)

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By mrme89
05th Dec 2013 12:16

NHS budgets are poorly managed and increasing retirement age to 70; ensuring that the majority of the british population don't reach retirement age.

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05th Dec 2013 12:36

Found it! And its not good...PPR reduced to 18mths section 1.294

'reduce the Capital gain tax private residence relief final period exemption from 36 months to 18 months to reduce the incentive for those who have multiple homes to exploit the rules'

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05th Dec 2013 12:25


Halving final period exemption from 36 months to 18 months

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05th Dec 2013 12:35

There was definitely a mention of IR35 stuff

Perhaps we won't know more about this until a lot later in the month.

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05th Dec 2013 12:40

Right, I've finished analysing it all, the result is

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06th Dec 2013 12:21


whats a dead expert panel like

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