Budget 2009: Members' reactions

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AccountingWEB.co.uk members have been very vocal with their thoughts on this year's Budget, so we've gathered together a collection of insights from around the community. Feel free to add your own comments below.

David Shephard

"This budget epitomises the total lack of understanding the Chancellor has of small businesses.

So many missed opportunities to get the economy back on track. The failure to make small business rate relief automatic; failure to raise the VAT registration threshold; failure to extend the reduced VAT incentive. Failure to make business transactions between VAT registered businesses, zero rated. Failure, Failure, Failure".

Liz Kwantes

This is a fairy story (a Grimm one). I was reading through the main points of the Budget and I wa...

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By SXGuy
24th Apr 2009 23:26

Dont forget the main point
Although i agree with the majority of replies, i think people seem to forget the connection between taxes and political tactics.

Of course more should have been done, and increasing the rate of tax for high earners solves no real purpose, but stay reminded of the fact that, any tax rise a year before an election is suicide for any party in power.

I fail to see the logic in discussing what was right or wrong with the budget when its clear to anyone with some common sense that it was hardly going to be a good budget a year before an election.

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By Anonymous
24th Apr 2009 15:32

Illogical borrowing
I cannot see how any accountant would approve of borrowing £175 billion in a time of financial difficulty. But that is what the business of UK Ltd is planning to do. It is financial and national suicide.

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