Budget 2010: At-a-glance guide

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  • Small business taxation
  • Personal tax summary
  • Live coverage and reaction
  • Tax tables

 Small business taxation

  • Small business tax summary

    - AIA and Entrepreneurs Relief limits doubled

    - CT rates pegged at 28% for 2011/12

    - No VAT increase!

    - 100% capital allowance for zero-emission goods vehicles

    - Clampdown on close company loans - CT deductions will be denied for equivalent amount (BN14)

  • Surprise Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) incre...

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24th Mar 2010 19:26

The most pointless budget in history

Just why did mogadon man bother?

Utterly boring, bereft of ideas, and based on forecasts that must have been prepared by the office cat. 

Labour are morally bankrupt, intellectually bankrupt, and must think that voters are stupid if they think for one second that they will not see through this to the hidden tax rises.   

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By Anonymous
25th Mar 2010 10:26

Mogadon Man

Well God help us if the tories get in - I wont be able to afford to live under their regime and neither will my clients! If you think Labour have done so badly, even though its a GLOBAL RECESSION!!!!!, I dread to think how we would be coping under a Tory attempt at recovery.


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25th Mar 2010 10:39

I think you will have a chance to find out in a couple of months


As for the "global recession" - it was forseeable to anyone who cared to look.  All our clients were aware of what was coming 12 months before it began and prepared accordingly.  Brown, as always in total denial, did nothing to protect Britain from the effects.  Indeed this is the man who sold off our gold reserves at rock bottom prices to fund B'Liars illegal wars, and as chancellor, failed to regulate the banks and financial institutions. 

In the budget there is further evidence of denial and utter desparation.  What kind of government pins its hopes of saving money on the gamble that it can reduce staff sickness levels in the NHS? Pathetic.  

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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2010 10:31

So ......

Isn't this a case of ..... damned if they do ... damned if they don't?

This government may be far from perfect, but it is far preferable to the unholy mess the Tories made last time around.

Not everyone has the same opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2010 11:41

Politicians are running scared.

I'm surprised any accountant can make a living servicing households on less than £30K.

Labour's mess is precisely the same mess they made last time around. They always run out of money.

Regrettably the politicians of all colours are scared of the voters, who in turn are scared of the reality - public services cost money to run, that comes from taxes and that means you not somebody else.

Perhaps we do need five more years of Gordon so that he can ram the train into the buffers completely. Once the IMF turn up then we might start getting some sense into the situation.


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26th Mar 2010 11:55


Not everyone has the same opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 26/03/2010 - 10:31


Everyone may be entitled to an opinion - but they are not entitled to bankrupt a nation and sell us out to europe while they pursue their mistaken beliefs.

Socialism is a failed experiment which has failed every time they have been in power.  Perhaos now people will learn histories lesson and consign labour to the scrap heap of politics for ever.

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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2010 14:16

Your choice

You choose the arguments to back up your personal opinion. I will choose my own arguments, and they differ to yours.

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27th Mar 2010 14:33

I think you wil find my arguements are those of the majority of



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28th Mar 2010 20:27

Total waste of time

Absolute waste of everyones time.

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