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2021 Budget - Help to Grow scheme
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Budget 2021: Small firms miss out on software giveaway


Rishi Sunak’s Help to Grow scheme provides small businesses with a digital lifeline of a discount on software up to £5,000, but businesses that need it the most to support their MTD transition may miss out. 

3rd Mar 2021
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At today’s Budget Rishi Sunak unveiled his Help to Grow scheme to address the productivity problem and support that small businesses require. 

“Too often smaller firms don’t have the time or resources to acquire the extra skills and training they need to be more efficient, more digital, and more productive,” said the Chancellor.

Help to grow: Digital

Step forward the Chancellor’s new Help the Grow schemes. The digital prong of this initiative has been designed to help 100,000 SMEs adopt “productivity-enhancing software”. The UK-wide scheme was inspired by the pandemic forcing many businesses to move online. 

Sunak wants to turn this “challenge” into an “opportunity” with the launch of this scheme in the Autumn. His plan is to offer these businesses a voucher covering the costs of an approved software up to a maximum of £5,000 and free expert training. 

Businesses can use this voucher on software that can:

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