Business record checks: HMRC review

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Simon Sweetman explores HMRC's review of its Business Record Checks (BRC) programme, which resumed on 1 November

It would be fair to say that HMRC’s decision to resume its programme of business record checks has not been greeted with enthusiasm.

The CIOT seems particularly gloomy, with a press release that seems to anticipate all manner of problems of interpretation.

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06th Nov 2012 10:19

That is where

the money is though. HMRC can't get it out of the big boys and the poor haven't got any so it's us in the middle that will be hit.

I think the bigger question is why? The answer is they need more money to make the economy look better for the next election.

The ARSE[***] (adequate recording system experience)(I'm sure others can come up with better abbreviations) will not work because it has not been legally defined. So we end up with an almighty issue as the employment status. I wonder what the EU would call adequate records? Still it's good to know MP's are now keeping adequate records to claim their expenses.

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06th Nov 2012 11:37

Lots of comments...

Below is the link to another article on this subject that currently has 17 comments... 


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By Halex
12th Nov 2012 09:42

ARSE[***] - Thanks for the useful acronym

A good opener for tradesmen?

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By Oppco
26th Nov 2012 10:30

I've just completed a BRC questionnaire phone call on behalf of a client.

HMRC told me that as the client himself did not speak to them, he would now receive a visit and that this was their policy for all taxpayers who asked their accountants to call on their behalf


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