Chancellor confirms Autumn Statement date

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Robert Lovell
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The Autumn Statement 2013 will be delivered on 4 December, the Chancellor announced via Twitter at the end of last week.

The statement, together with ‘Legislation Day’ the following week, will provide a rough guide to next year’s Budget and include economic forecasts by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR).

The Autumn Statement is regarded as...

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By alan159
16th Oct 2013 12:41

What about NIC?

It is all very well increasing the income tax allowance, but what about the starting point for paying National Insurance?

It seems that the policy of taking people out of income tax, loses its shine when these same people are still paying NIC.




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16th Oct 2013 20:57

The wrong calendars?

These days every autumn statement is made during the winter.  Is this delay due to George running HMRC's latest wheezes through focus groups to avoid any more Cornish pastie blunders?

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