Charity Commission 'not fit for purpose' says PAC

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The Charity Commission is "not fit for purpose", is not regulating the charity sector properly and has no strategy, the Public Accounts Committee said in a report.

Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), said: "We are dismayed by the fact that the Charity Commission is still performing poorly and failing to regulate the charity sector effectively.

"It is obvious that it has no coherent strategy and has been simply buffeted by external events. It is clear that the Charity Commission is not fit for purpose.”

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12th Feb 2014 12:37

charity commission


Margaret Hodge often appears to be more concerned with her political image and career than with any real understanding either of tax or other matters.

 I hold no brief for the commission, I have had professional differences with it re a number of clients.

 Nevertheless, the reality is that similar to HMRC, the commission is simply not properly funded for the work it is required to do.

 And similar to HMRC, it is not under proper supervision from HM Government.

 This on the understandable, if lamentable, truth that any MP getting constructively involved is on a hiding to nothing.

 If they get it right, no-one by the nature of the work will notice, if they get it wrong no-one will forget.

 Bit similar to being Secretary for Northern Ireland,  (Or minister for the environment?)

 So, instead it is tea, coffee, biscuits and pontificating on committees.

 Was there not, about three thousand years ago, some comment about trying to build a house without straw for the bricks? or, even earlier, something about a Tower of Babel?

 Some things do not change.



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12th Feb 2014 13:41

Fit for purpose

I would suggest that there is a better argument to suggest the Public Accounts Committee itself is not fit for purpose.

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12th Feb 2014 16:04

Just another government department.

They have replicated this model across the board and are now outsourcing the inefficiencies to the private sector.

And still they wonder what went wrong! PMSL

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