Couple jailed for £900k tax and insurance fraud

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Rachael Power
Community Correspondent
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A couple from Kent have been jailed for committing insurance fraud and not paying tax on over £900,000 earnings from ‘ghost’ insurance broking.

Elina Jaksone, 36, and partner Gagik Kyraicos Manucharayan, 40, committed a £340,000 tax and motor insurance fraud by supplying false and misleading information when arranging policies for clients.

They sold the policies cheap to to mostly Eastern European clients, charging £100 apiece and then pocketing the £920,000 earnings without declaring tax to HMRC.

The couple used the money to fund a “luxury lifestyle” according to the Revenue. They took holidays in places like Jamaica and Mexico, bought a £365,000 property, paid for private education and acquired two Mercedes cars.

In addition, Jaksone also fraudulently claimed...

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17th Apr 2013 11:10

what about amazon? Npower? etc.etc. who dont even pay tax?

I lost count of the number of multinationals who abuse the tax system more than these guys did?


thames water



whilst I dont defend the guys above-the rest of the big boys who pay NIL corporation tax- among the big hitters in our homes and hgh streets-seem to abuse the system and remain blameless-and not improsoned!

moral of the story:

individuals (and poor benefit claimants)have to go to prison for their own tax evasion(and claiming the wrong benefits)-but individuals in charge of multinationals(or banks-bob diamond) and quoted(or unquoted) corporates(with the right advice) dont go to prison.....

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