Diesel rates cut from 1 September

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Andrew Goodall
Freelance tax writer
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HMRC has published a revised table of advisory fuel rates for journeys on or after 1 September.

The only changes relate to diesel cars, where two of the three rates have been reduced.

These rates apply only where an employer reimburses employees for business travel in their company cars, or requires them to repay the cost of fuel used for private travel.

HMRC reviews the rates quarterly and advises employers to monitor its website.


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08th Sep 2014 12:33

OK so, its Monday and I'm bored so...

Out idle curiosity what is wrong with this logic?

I buy a new Hybrid car through my company with emission rates of sub 60gm/km.

The company gets 100% tax relief on the purchase.

I reclaim  the VAT under Lennartz.

I pay my own fuel but reclaim it using the 1400 -2000 cc rate of fuel.

When the car is eventually sold the company charges VAT on the selling price.



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