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Three of HMRC’s new digital services are progressing through user testing in preparation for potential release to the wider public next spring.

The revamped business tax dashboard, now known as Your Tax Account (YTA), PAYE for employees and Self Assessment Online are all going through a new form of iterative user testing, at the moment, according to HMRC head of customer engagement Julian Hatt .

PAYE for employees could be ready for public beta testing as soon as June, he said. In addition, YTA has completed private user testing and will be ready for public trials in the near future.

Agent Online Self Serve, the final "exemplar" of HMRC's new digital strategy, is set for private beta testing this autumn, although this timetable could change depending on its development.

Using a new "agile" approach to developing its software, the tax department has involved customers and staff from the outset in the design and development of the new online services. Each of these is then put together in a series of small, incremental steps.

At a recent IFA regional conference in Birmingham, Hatt gave an update of where each of the services stood, and what work lies ahead...

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27th May 2014 14:28

Broadband, equipment and financial issues

Wonderful!  There seems to be a total lack of acknowledgement that broadband is still erratic in many areas, and that it and up to date computer equipment costs money.  The DWP does not provide benefits other than at subsistence level.  There are going to be millions of people who will not have access to a reasonable broadband connection, and more who cannot afford it.  These people will not be in the testing as they simply will not have heard about it, nor will they be able so to do. 

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28th May 2014 08:28

Government departments have to manage with fewer staff and smaller budgets. This means more self serve and less face to face and as always the poorest suffer the most

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