Disclosure schemes: Tutors & coaches next

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The taxman has started a campaign to target private tutors and coaches who owe tax.

The campaign, revealed by Accounting Web in June, will include personal fitness trainers, academic tutors and dance coaches, regardless of whether they have a teaching qualification.

HM Revenue & Customs said its campaign is aimed at people who use tuition and coaching, as a main or secondary income and who haven’t paid tax on the income.

Tutors and coaches have until 31 March 2012 to come forward and tell HMRC about their outstanding tax for the years up to 5 April 2010, and pay what they owe. The plan makes it easy for customers to put their tax affairs right and keep them on the right track in the future.

People who come forward by the deadline are more likely to receive more lenient penalties – probably no more than 20 per cent of unpaid tax.

Those who wait for HMRC to come to them will find that they have to pay much higher penalties, or even face criminal prosecution.

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17th Oct 2011 15:09

We all know how this will end up.

Money spent on chasing £2m. Income £500k - classic. Meanwhile disruption, etc.etc.

I'm not against going for tax evaders but if the lower end of the pecking order don't have a few perks then what we have seen in a few cities against capitalism will escalate widely and quickly.

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17th Oct 2011 18:28

given the last comment

do we know how much each of these disclousure schems have cost and brought in? if not then can we find out

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17th Oct 2011 19:42

Cost of Gimmick Schemes

How many more of these schemes will HMR&C come up with? Who dreams them up? I am against tax evasion but I have small self employed businesses and limited companies going out of business because HMR&C have not paid CIS refunds due as of today after 5 months....

I would rather they spent OUR money getting the basics right  answering letters , paying back tax they owe ....not costing us money on GIMMICKS!

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17th Oct 2011 22:25

education institutions

Following many PAYE audit attacks on Local Authority and University payrolls it is almost impossible to get paid without the operation of PAYE if you are lecturing, supply teaching or coaching.

To my mind the best you can be looking for is the uplift to higher rates.

This also covers most of the sports tutors operating on ay scale through the local authority or leaisure centres.

Private tutoring in most areas is coaching children, and often by other schoolchildren or college students so there is little tax risk.

Why is this deemed a high yield area - I thought that they were tasked with targeting high profile or high yield  on cost/profit ratios.


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18th Oct 2011 11:05


in your third paragraph of the main article use the Revenue term 'Customer' We are not customers but taxpayers. Customers have a choice of where they go we do not. Please stop pandering to the Revenue in the use of wrong nomenclature.

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18th Oct 2011 14:22

now i know the meaning of

inn disposed ;-)

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