Dragon PR man challenges HMRC arrest

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A PR executive who has represented some of the stars of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den is threatening to sue HMRC and his former accountants for wrongful arrest.

Richard Hillgrove is a cowboy-hat wearing PR practitioner who has worked for Dragons’ Den stars James Caan, Duncan Bannatyne and Simon Woodroffe. As managing director of Hillgrove PR he has carved a niche as a reputation management specialist for celebrity business figures and professionals in distress, but now faces a major challenge to his own professional credibility in a high profile tax case.

He faces a preliminary hearing on charges of cheating the public revenue of £100,000 at Taunton Crown Court, Business Matters magazine reported.

Hillgrove strenuously denies the charge.

The hearing was originally scheduled for 17 September, but has been delayed until 28 September at the request of the PR man's solicitor.

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18th Sep 2012 09:17

hes already said too much

we should all keep schtum .....

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18th Sep 2012 16:42

I am just surprised

at how many 'successful' people appear not to have a clue about money (or seemingly no interest in it)......


If we were using a car analogy....it seems they hand over their car to a mechanic for servicing....let him do all of the work that is required....but then are shocked when the police pull them over and ask why the vehicle has not been MOT'd/insured/taxed.....(some things you can get other people to do....some things you need to take responsibility for)...


Richard Hillgrove is a cowboy......perhaps not the best opening to a sentence........

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By evely
22nd Sep 2012 18:55

mechanic for servicing

If you take your car to the mechanic for servicing / MOT - then you do expect it to be done correctly.

Perhaps the real question is - is servicing a car/insured/taxed easier or harder than tax affairs?

While most people can insure a car and get it taxed - how many people can accurately handle there tax affairs. They don't do a Haynes manual for tax.

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