Essential tax tables 2018/19

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This is a summary of the tax rates and thresholds for the main taxes for 2018/19 and the previous five or six tax years.

The tables below include:

  • Income tax rates
  • Scottish income tax rates
  • Personal allowances and reliefs
  • Corporation tax rates
  • Capital gains tax rates and exemptions 
  • National insurance: 
    • Class 1 - monthly thresholds
    • Class 2 - rates and thresholds
    • Class 3 - rates
    • Class 4 - rates and thresholds
  • VAT registration and deregistration thresholds

These tables are adapted from Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables 2018/19 Finance Act edition, which contains 250 pages of tables covering every UK tax and duty you will need to refer to, as well as HMRC penalty rates, foreign exchange rates, and statutory payment rates.

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About Rebecca Cave

Consulting tax editor for I also co-author several annual tax books for Bloomsbury Professional and write newsletters for other publishers.


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26th Mar 2018 13:06

Thank you, Rebecca. Your post has prompted me to order the Bloomsbury tax tables in preference to Whillan's for the first time ever. On looking them up on Amazon, both the Budget and Finance Act editions of the Bloomsbury books are released one month earlier than Whillan's (Jan vs Feb and Apr vs May) and they are 34% cheaper!

As a matter of interest, Rebecca, do you know on average what proportion of these tables tends to change between the two editions?

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to charliecarne
26th Mar 2018 16:13

Very pleased to hear you are swappping to Bloomsbury's Tax Rates & Tables.
There are some important updates in the Finance Act Edition (which I am finalising now) for the Scottish rates - which changed between the two editions, and the knock-on effect to the marriage allowance. I also revised the MTD section significantly.

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27th Mar 2018 10:10

Typical HMRC they did not advise us on Capital allowances (investment scheme).

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