Ex Saab FD arrested for accounting fraud

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Three former top executives at carmaker Saab Automobile, including a former finance director, have been arrested in Sweden on suspicion of tax offences.

The three are "suspected of aggravated attempts to avoid tax controls", according to Swedish prosecutor Olof Sahlgren.

Sahlgren alleged that the trio falsified...

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24th May 2013 19:58

if proven at least nowcwe will. know why saab remained upright for so long and did not go tits[***]. up long before ....

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31st Dec 2013 10:48

Automotive Industry

Automobile industry is one of the important industry for a country. Government collect maximum revenue from the Automotive industries and also that helping in the Economical development of the country. SAAB Motors, one of the most popular car makers in the car industry. Such a fraud case is definitely costs a lot for the company. Accounting section is the important one in a company and it is really good that the accused got arrested. Automotive repair and Maintenance are very necessary, because these twos are really the vital things for a vehicle user. 

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31st Jan 2014 12:02

SAAB automotive

Money is the life blood of every company. Without money a business entity can't exist. In every country taxes are collected for developing purpose of the countries economy.  Saab automobile  is one of the famous car maker in the world. By creating such a fraud activity, the company suffers a lot i.e the companies sales volume get down,the profit volume was low,and at last the companies reputation was down.So, the person who are creating fraud activity in business to avoid the tax, must be penalized by the govt.

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