Fake butchers get the chop in £5m VAT fraud

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Nine men who pretended to be butchers, then made fraudulent VAT refund claims of £1m by faking invoices, have been sentenced after an investigation by HMRC.

Former butcher Kaiser Matlub, from Spinneyfield, Rotherham in Sheffield, owned Ossett Abbatoir, but he stopped trading in 2003. However, he continued to make VAT refund claims using faked documents, claiming to trade in meat products.

Matlub became so confident that he started to...

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01st Nov 2013 13:33

Fake butchers get the chop in £5m VAT fraud

Hope their assets were seized. And why concurrently??? This will probably mean they will be out in about two and a half years. It is about time judges stopped pandering to the criminal classes, and listened to the mass of ordinary people. Two crimes should mean two jail sentences, not one.

They must be very pleased with the lenient sentence, and their rates of pay.

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12th Nov 2013 08:13

Fake butchers get the chop in £5m VAT fraud



I am really surprised to read this sentence that "Matlub became so confident that he started to share the scam with friends and family." I have checked the HMRC updated listed and I have read about Imran Hussain VAT fraud, he was one of the biggest tax dodger.

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