Financial adviser loses HMRC gamble

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Rachael Power
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A financial adviser has been jailed for five years after helping a client fraudulently reclaim VAT of almost £900,000 and gambling away £130,000 of it.

Mohammed Izhar Ul Haq has also been banned from going into casinos and gaming online for three years after his release. 

The fraudster forged a bank guarantee from the Bank of America so his client could claim a VAT repayment of nearly £900,000 from HMRC

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By skhan
22nd Oct 2012 18:58


What was qualification of this advisor

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By chatman
25th Oct 2012 09:19


skhan wrote:

What was qualification of this advisor

Lack of morals?

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25th Oct 2012 19:37

Did he really think it would work or be worth it?

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