GAAR interim panel revealed: ‘One from many’

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Robert Lovell
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HMRC has finally revealed the diverse range of members on the general anti-abuse rule (GAAR) interim advisory panel who have been tasked to oversee the development of new guidance up until 31 March.

The selection includes figures from across the profession, which Graham Aaronson QC said, was a very deliberate decision to get a broad range of views.

Speaking about how he chose the panel, Aaronson said the guidance notes were critical to making the legislation understood and showing people how it applied: “I wanted the broadest possible range of input into the guidance notes so that all constituencies can feel that they have been properly represented.”

He admitted that having such a diverse set of views could make the decision-making process more difficult, but said he didn’t think it would be impossible.

Aaronson mentioned the Latin phrase on the US dollar ‘E pluribus unum’ [Out of many, one] to make his point - “from many opinions, one set of guidance notes, and that's really what I want.”

Panel member and Grant Thornton tax expert Franscesca Lagerberg said she wasn’t surprised by the varied mix of appointees: “You can see there’s a very good cross-section of people. What they tried to do was to get representatives from private clients, so high net worth individual work, from large corporates to lots of accountants, and they've also got people representing the average taxpayer, so obviously there’s Richard Murphy and others on the list.”

On the appointment of Richard Murphy, Aaronson said:

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28th Jan 2013 17:31

and where is the representative

of small / sole prcticioners

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29th Jan 2013 15:13

Isn't it obvious, Carnmores?

The small business, and the small/sole practitioners were not invited because they are not part of the real problem :)

Nope, I jest. We are just too insignificant!

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