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Government opens tax consultation gates in Autumn Budget preview


On Tuesday 21 July, the government released nine new tax consultations, eleven draft clauses for the next Finance Bill, and a significant ten-year plan for reforming tax administration including MTD targets.

24th Jul 2020
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If this sounds like a verse of twelve days of Christmas, you will be delighted to know that the new documents and web updates continued to flow on 22 to 24 July with numerous updates to HMRC manuals and rewritten pages for For example, the guidance on advisory fuel rates was completely replaced.         

The timing was due to the last sitting of the House of Commons on 22 July before the summer recess, which coincided with Royal Assent of Finance Bill 2020. Many of the new HMRC manual pages are connected with revisions to the tax law which came into effect with Royal Assent (ie on 22 July), but other re-writes appear to have been waiting in the sign-off pile for the minister to approve.

So what have we got to chew on over the summer?

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Replies (3)

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By North East Accountant
27th Jul 2020 10:18

So as the Government heads away for 40 days off work they issue a ton of consultations for everyone else to deal with.

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By tedbuck
27th Jul 2020 16:07

But really don't you think that the government being away for 40 days is better than them being there trying their best to drive us all mad. Firstly we have to wear face masks so that the returnees from holiday abroad don't give us their viruses but it's ok to visit a wholesalers as that isn't a retail operation. And, of course, you can hardly go to the pub with a face mask.
Then they award the teachers a pay rise for not bothering to teach and the GPs a pay rise on top of their already excessive pay.
I really don't know why we accountants can't have one too as we have worked all through this as indeed have the dustmen, supermarket workers, bus drivers and the like.
And the civil servants are getting bolshie whilst they have been sitting pretty on their high salaries funding Unite to casue trouble.
It all actually makes one feel quite unwell - I think I will have a fit of the vapours.

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By AndrewV12
04th Aug 2020 11:41

There does not seem anything to conversational in the 2020 fiance act bill, electric vans, R & D.....

However then at the bottom of the article is everything controversial and everything the government has been sitting on, yes its going forward, brought forward and carried forward many times over. There is the devil.

'There are already consultations underway for the following proposals which are due to conclude next month, so we should expect draft legislation on these measures to be released in the Autumn:

plastic packaging tax - closes 20 August 2020
construction industry scheme abuse – closes 28 August 2020
notification of uncertain tax treatment – closes 27 August 2020
In addition, we are expecting consultations on:

MTD for corporation tax
Tax administration'

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