GP firm in tax debt wins NHS contracts

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A GP firm has won two large new NHS deals, despite owing £164,000 to HMRC.

MP Locums Healthcare, which supplies doctors to hospitals in Britain, was facing administration over a £348,671 debt to HMRC, the Daily Record  reported.

To avoid going bust, the Polmont-based company entered into a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) last year and agreed to re-pay 47% – around £164,000 – over...

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28th Nov 2013 12:09

Duty of care

I have just looked at the published accounts for this Company for the 4 years up to 30 Sep 2112 and for 2 of these years it showed a MINUS balance sheet. With a £348K tax debt presumably built up over a number of years (probably unpaid paye) how on earth does this Company look to be a reliable provider of services to the NHS?  If similar behavior is exhibited at any time in the  future will the person responsible for awarding the contract to them be taking responsibility or will another CVA be on the cards. Neil Findlay MSP should be asking a lot more questions about the whole process of  awarding contracts and if as I suspect  the £348K owed to HMRC was paye and was allowed to build up over a number of years then HMRC are also culpable in allowing this behavior to not only continue but to be rewarded at the expense of every compliant taxpayer. I find myself offended by the whole process and no doubt others will feel the same way. 

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28th Nov 2013 16:50

This is appalling
Why on earth should this company get away with only paying 47% of the PAYE it has withheld from employees? It's about time unpaid PAYE was made the personal responsibility of directors.

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29th Nov 2013 09:49

Unpaid paye

I agree with "the Poacher" and would go so far as to make the case  that failure to remit paye and nic to HMRC following deduction from employees is tantamount to theft. Did the directors of this company take a salary, benefits or other forms of remuneration during the time that this debt was outstanding? I am sure that the best minds in HMRC have considered this!!!  

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