Hillgrove trial: Final arguments and summary

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The trial of celebrity PR adviser Richard Hillgrove is nearing its conclusion at Bristol Crown Court, with the prosecution and defence (Hillgrove himself) presenting their final arguments and the judge's summary of evidence.

The trial judge, Mr Recorder R Linford, briefed the jury on legal matters and set out his own summary of the evidence on Tuesday afternoon. His directions to the jury and the final arguments of both prosecution and defence are published below.

Judge's directions of law to the jury

As he began his summing up the judge told the jury that they should consider the following points and directions of law:

1. Are you sure that in failing to make returns for VAT for the limited company Mr Hillgrove was being dishonest?

2. Are you sure that in his failure to make PAYE returns for the limited company was Mr Hillgrove dishonest?

Members of the jury were told they would have to consider dishonesty in relation the “ordinary standards” of an average person.

“You need to find that the defendant must have realised he was being...

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