HMRC confirms possible PAYE booklet delay

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Robert Lovell
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HMRC may be unable to issue all of the PAYE payment booklets for the tax year 2011/12 in time for the first payment later this month.

According to a recent HMRC statement, some employers may receive the booklets too late for first payment that will be made by 19 or 22 May, depending on payment method.

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By Guest1
09th May 2011 17:00

Even the

basics are becoming difficult! The inmates continue to run the asylum.

On another post AWeb asks/infers what HMRC can do to return to being a "respected" Government agency. It's quite simple, in my view, a route and branch overhaul, not involving "consultants" or the "Big 6" but practitioners who have to deal with the "dros" on a day to day basis. Until HMRC invests time and training, this department will persist as a Government joke.

HMRC's well known mantra, "pressures of work" are not an acceptable excuse for delays, makes me laugh, when the boots on the other foot.


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12th May 2011 20:26

HMRC booklets

Late issue of booklets is a common occurence as this happens every year without fail. The books comes to us as we make out the counterfioil for several clients who still pay HMRC by cheque.  Every year, we have to write to HMRC for the missing booklets. There have been so many cases of missing books this year that I have started advising all our clients who pay by cheque to pay electronically.      I am certain it is HMRC back-door policy to get every one to pay by BACS. It is no longer cost effective for us to continually write to HMRC for these booklets each year.

HMRC - if you are reading this post, there are many companies who still choose to pay by cheque so please put a link similar to this one for companies to order P30bc booklets.  It is not environmentally friendly for companies to write in to request a booklet when they should be able to do so online.

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16th May 2011 12:04


MAny small charities have no choice as the the two signature requirement is not met by the normal online banking arrangements and so cheque is still the only way for such organisations

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09th Jun 2011 18:25

No more booklets

I spoke to HMRC this afternoon and was told that once an employer pays electronically, no more payslip books will be issued.  When I objected, she said she didnt think the system would allow one to be issued now.  So anyone who has made special arrangements to pay April electronically because they did not have a book will be forced to pay the same way in future.

I objected to this because the client on whose behalf I had called them is constantly having to have payments reallocated when he doesnt enter the correct reference on his bank instructions.  A booklet makes it much easier to get this right!

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09th Jun 2011 19:35

Payment allocation

Some of our clients have the same problem because some internet banking can only accept 13 digits.  Many of our clients like to pay their taxes electronically straignt away but I always tell them to pre-date the system for the payment to leave their bank account after the 6th of the following month but before the 15th so that cleard funds is received by 22nd.  

For example, if your client is going on holiday this week, then June 2011 payroll taxes should NOT be paid until after 6 July.  See example on

If the client uses BACS, then they can add 1203 at the end of the Accounts reference which will tell HMRC systems to allocate the payment to month 3 for June 2011 only, regardless of when it was paid. 

It is much easier to just pay after the 6th and not to pay them early. If the June  payroll is paid today by internet banking, the system will allocate this to month 2, treat this as being paid late then issue the client with a late payment reminder.  It is unclear why HMRC systems can have 2 payments in their systems for April and May and still manage to send out chaser letters. my clients have had them.  Even when cessation returns have been submitted with the date of cessation, chaser letters are still being generated.



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