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HMRC launches new FATCA online service

16th Oct 2014
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HMRC has launched a new online service for UK financial institutions to register and report financial information on behalf of their US clients.

In 2010, the US passed the Foreign Asset Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), meaning foreign financial institutions need to report information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which became effective in July this year.

UK200 Group member Clint Bateman flagged up the issue on AccountingWEB back in 2013.

The Revenue has published guidance for its new online service, including what to do if you need to submit a FATCA return.

According to HMRC, those filing need to register with the IRS, which will provide you with a Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN).

Users will also need to register with HMRC's online services and can do so from mid-October this year. As part of this process they will be enrolled for the FATCA online service, received a FATCA ID and an HMRC registration number for each financial institution that has been registered.

FATCA returns will need to be submitted by 31 May each year from 31 May 2015. 

For simple returns the information can be entered manually using the FATCA online service.

If 200 accounts per submission you can either enter the information manually using the online service and make multiple submissions to report all the data, or download and use the latest version of HMRC FATCA schema to create the returns.

But if the account holder is a non-financial foreign entity with over 30 reportable controlling persons or if any controller person has multiple tax residencies, the FATCA scheme will need to be used.

In this instance it muse be ensured the file is valid before uploading it. Returns must be submitted even if there are no accounts to report. Once returns have been submitted, HMRC will acknowledge this and inform whether the return is in the valid schema format.


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By David Treitel
16th Oct 2014 13:08

FATCA affects us all - honestly

FATCA affects several thousand UK accounting practices and trusts?

Is your firm affected? The best and most up to date guidance can be found at these links:

Remember that all UK banks and financial institutions are asking today if any new customer is a US citizen; all US citizens are US resident for US tax purposes and it is appropriate therefore for all UK accountants and tax advisers to take account of American tax issues when advising any American here in the UK.

David Treitel | Managing Director | American Tax Returns Ltd

The Old Exchange, 12 Compton Road, London, SW19 7QD

Tel: 020 3542 6330

Email: [email protected]

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