HMRC names and shames deliberate defaulters

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HMRC has published its latest crop of individuals and businesses, including a hairdresser and Tandoori restaurant, who they claim are “deliberately defaulting” paying tax.

Along with names and addresses, the Revenue has published the total amount of tax and the penalty in each case, suggesting HMRC has scaled up fines for those defaulting on tax debts.

Some of the heftier punishments included a...

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    By dstickl
    19th May 2013 19:37

    And if you want to phone HMRC, why not try this link ... 

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    20th May 2013 15:08


    There's not very many though?

    Still some is better than none and these guys must have worked really hard on their penalties so deserve their 15 minutes of fame.

    well done HMRC, credit where credit is due!

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