HMRC names new tax defaulters

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Nick Huber
Freelance journalist
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HMRC has published its most recent list of deliberate tax defaulters, as part of its campaign against tax evasion. 

The list includes a food and drink wholesaler which was fined nearly £30m for late payment of tax and a husband and wife who run an electrical repair business.

Each defaulter named has either deliberately submitted inaccurate returns, deliberately failed to comply with an obligation, or deliberately committed a wrongdoing which would have cheated the Exchequer out of more than £25,000 if HMRC had not carried out an investigation, according to the Revenue.

People who have received penalties either for deliberate errors in their tax returns or who have deliberately failed to comply with their tax obligations may be named by HMRC.

The Reven...

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26th Aug 2014 13:01




Saad Victoria Food & Wine Limited

HMRC list the above Company as one of the defaulters and its also the one with the £30 million penalty. HMRC have also applied to have the Company "liquidated" so I guess that will be the last HMRC will see of either the tax or the penalty? was the tax paid late  or not at all? The sole shareholder who was  also a director had two other Companies both of which were struck off by Company House I guess for non submission of accounts.

Looks to me like HMRC and Company House  should get their joint act together as I would guess again that to run up a debt of £30 million would take more than a little while. Do CH and HMRC ever talk to each other, do they have a joint strategy for ID`ing serial "defaulters" and or shareholder-directors. Why is CH now so keen to strike a company off for non submission of accounts without reference to HMRC?   Me thinks the system is badly broken and it must be costing this Country billions in lost Revenue. The fix is simple, answers on a post card. 

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26th Aug 2014 14:27


HMRC could merge with companies house just like the VAT agency merged with the old Inland Revenue?

There again perhaps best not go there......


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26th Aug 2014 17:13

It would be nice to have a joined up Government

Perhaps Lin Homer could be made Chief Exec to continue the good work she did at the Border Agency and the continued good work she is doing at HMRC?  Any other nominations?

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