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HMRC speeds up furlough claim process


HMRC has released a time-saving template that streamlines the process of making claims for 16 to 99 employees through the coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS). But the template has arrived too late for some. 

28th May 2021
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Agents and payroll professionals that have spent the past 12 months manually inputting CJRS information for clients with up to 99 employees in a claim will now be able to upload the details with a single template

AccountingWEB user Barbara G stumbled across the template after processing a number of CJRS claims manually and discovered the template option, which launched on 27 May without much fanfare. 

The template allows employers and agents to upload details of claims of 16 to 99 employees. Claims for employees of less than 16 will have to be done through the existing manual method. 

The other benefit of the spreadsheet upload being extended to fewer employees is that if you have a missing national insurance number this does not preclude let you from including the person as you can simply use their employee number.

Agents or employers uploading less than 16 records will continue to have to omit anyone without a national insurance number and telephone their claim through separately so it can be added in by the telephone operator.

"This is indeed very welcome news. I absolutely think it’s taken far too long for the threshold to be reduced but even though claim numbers are dropping so significantly now it will still be helpful to a lot of people," said AccountingWEB contributor and payroll expert Kate Upcraft. 

The CJRS template

In order to use the template, HMRC explains that the file must be uploaded with the following information for each employee:

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Replies (8)

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By MartinJG
01st Jun 2021 10:13

'Grinded away' or perhaps 'Ground away' :).

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Replying to MartinJG:
By ourpetsheadsarefallingoff
01st Jun 2021 10:17

This kind of grammatical pedantry really grounds my gears.

Thanks (2)
By ourpetsheadsarefallingoff
01st Jun 2021 10:16

May 2021 was literally the first month since April 2020 in which I had no clients with 16 furloughed employees.

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Replying to ourpetsheadsarefallingoff:
By Hugo Fair
01st Jun 2021 11:10

Well, look on the bright side ... at least you don't get to experience the joys of using a template that was rush released without proper testing - and so didn't spend part of your bank holiday weekend trying to work out why valid entries were causing error messages in the spreadsheet!

Thanks (1)
Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
01st Jun 2021 11:18

Vey interesting. Did HMRC announce this? If so I missed it.

Sorry... but I'm not even going to look at it.

As LionofLudesh says - its come too late. I also breathed a sigh of relief then I submitted last months return - only 3.

Thanks (1)
01st Jun 2021 12:32

I too came across this on Friday via the daily HMRC update. Unfortunately I am always glass half empty when I read anything out of HMRC that will actually "help" us. My cynicism is that will Furlough continue beyond Setember.

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By North East Accountant
03rd Jun 2021 09:49

HMRC have yet again shown how they don't have one iota of a clue about what it's actually like at the front line.

There was never any reason why if you could upload for 100 plus you couldn't upload for 2 plus.

The wasted hours bashing furlough claims in will be monumental.

Thanks (0)
By susuniahill
05th Jun 2021 11:36

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